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I Was Named After This Author. Here Are My Thoughts On His Best-Selling Book

Updated: Dec 31, 2021


1) Synopsis

2) Personal Thoughts

Book: The Greatest Salesman In The World by Augustine Mandino

1) Synopsis:

The story is set in 0BC when a young camel boy ventures into a world of sales and failing terribly. With only a few days to sales this sackcloth, he ended up giving it away to a couple hiding away in a cave with a newborn baby.

Feeling sorry for himself, he went back to his dying mentor. This wealthy businessman gave him 10 scrolls, each containing the principles and secrets about how to succeed.

Here are what the scrolls contain:

1) Today I begin a new life

2) I will greet this day with love in my heart

3) I will persist until I succeed

4) I am nature's greatest miracle

5) I will live this day as if it's my last

6) Today I will be master of my emotions

7) I will laugh at the world

8) Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold

9) I will act now

10) I will pray for guidance

2) Personal Thoughts (Spoilers Alert!)

So first of all, think this book was really great at inspiring and empowering someone. Giving readers positive energy as well as motivating them. It's quite refreshing on how the tied in a few Biblical characters such as Mother Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus as well as the Apostle Paul. So this is where I kind of disagree with the book. In the end, the young camel boy became a wealthy young man. Eventually, he gave this 10 secret scrolls that contain the principles of success. The book implied that Apostle Paul went on to preach the gospel because of this scrolls, by his own works and was "successful" because of it, and not by God working through him.

The Bible teaches that God wants people to know Him, to rely on Him. And not by through works, or in what Paul always argues, the works of the Law. It isn't what we do that gives us "successes" but thought God's hand and His works. And by the way, if your purpose in life is to be "successful". I suggest being a little more introspective and take some time out to do some reflection. In fact, God never promised us riches and successes. Sure, He loves and cares about your dreams and desires. He respects hard work and responsibility, like what's said in Proverbs. But then, there's Eccelesistics where Solomon, the wises man on Earth, cries out, saying that all the "right" things he has done have been futile. That has no meaning. But look, that doesn't mean we live life sad and complaining all day if not all of us are promised (worldly)riches. Instead, we're promised so, so, much more. Hebrews 11:39-40 "And all these, though commended through their faith, did not receive what was promised, since God had provided something better for us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect." So if God didn't give the things, He promised to the people who were apparently doing the "right" things and being a good Christians here on earth and only fulfilled His promise after they have passed on. Why would he somehow guarantee the things that aren't promised, like a successful business and a happy-go-lucky attitude in this life? Eventually, God fulfilled the greatest promise and I am deeply grateful that for that. But instead of looking at "successes", it is more important to keep the faith in Jesus. Think this book is a good pick-me-up, a good story and some principles to chew on, to consider. But don't take this as the Bible. Maybe my parents should have just named me Jesus. Haha


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