• Mandino Tan

Money Rule #4: You Got To Seduce Money

Let me explain to you about seduction.

Money likes to be attracted.

Money's drawn to seducers.

Just like a woman doesn't love a desperate man, money doesn't like desperate people. Money's not attracted to desperate people that want it so bad because they want to show it off to everybody.

No, no, you need to seduce money.

When you do, all of the sudden money will say, "Ooohhhhh, I like this guy, I like this girl. Oh my gosh! I'm turned on by you." Don't let money seduce you. You attract money.

Once you learn the attraction game with money, all of the sudden money starts coming from all over the place to you, because money's turned on by people that know precisely what they're doing. By the way, the more learn to seduce money, you'll get better at this game as well.

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