• Mandino Tan

Money Rule #6: Timing

Updated: May 21, 2020

It' is not about when to buy Facebook and when to buy Snapchat that's a whole different subject. Instead, let me give you an example.

Let me share with you about running a business. I'll give you an idea there was a time where logically I have to cut down in my business and have to stop going for self-improvement classes. You see, I'm all about growth. Applying for going for courses, learning different skills to grow, to compound my skillsets for it to grow exponentially. However, it came to a point where it was time to hold back and take a pause from learning new skills and stop investing in myself at least for a moment. It was because that situation calls for it. There's time for one to double down to grow and expand, and there's time to pause, reorganise my resources and review my plans on how to move forward. This, unfortunately, is unteachable and is only gained through being in the trenches and learning through experiences.

You've got to dig deep and ask yourself, what is it time for you to focus on now?

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